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Post by Sholin on Mon Oct 29, 2018 7:25 pm

Sholin (or Sho as Pearl calls her) is a Tiefling who has been wandering Oblitus her entire life. Her mother and father died when she was very young, and she was saved by a water Nymph who raised her as a sister. It has been many years since they have seen each other.

Sholin is never honest about her age, and there are only 3 people in the world who know the truth. Her hair is a dark ebony with plum undertones and sparse streaks of silver that become more apparent as the moon grows in fullness. Her skin is dark, but not as dark as some Tieflings. It has a reddish undertone and across her back are delicate ruins that glow silver, like the moon. These runes can also be found directly under her breasts and dropping like a gentle chain part way to her belly button. There is a single rune on her wrist.

Her body is strong and muscles can just be seen under her velvety skin. She stands at 5'6'' tall and her small waist curves out like an hourglass, accentuating her bosom, hips and ass. A tail snakes around her. It is patterned with runes and comes to a sharp point V point. Two decorative hoops pierce each side of the V.

Her horns sit high on her head, hair cascading around them. Dark red with jagged grooves, the horns arch back and curl ever so slightly toward each other. A silver chain decorates each horn. Connected by a loop at the tip, it gracefully hangs down and curves gently until it attaches to 3 tiny loops each pierced in her long pointed ears.

Her face is graceful and clear. Full dark lips sit beneath a small nose. Her amber eyes are deep, penetrating. They have the ability to make a heart yearn for oblivion, or terrify even the bravest.

Sholin is quiet, reserved and methodical. She prefers to observe and allows Pearl to do most the talking. If she deems you are worthy of recognition, she is known to give curt nods of approval. If you happen to gain her trust, she will open up...slightly. Her humor is dry but often carries suggestive or playful undertones. If she decides to care about you, she will protect with a ferocity that resembles the barbarians of the world. She is strong, swift and graceful. She is an Eldritch Knight with her skills honed in dual wielding. She prefers to hold swords in hand to strike down her enemies before they have a second to respond. Her armor, while heavily plated in chain, is not as covering as one might expect. She prefers to have great freedom to dance around the battlefield easily. When fighting, a new side of her is seen. No longer quiet and calm, she allows her pent up rage and chaotic vengeance release to crush any obstacle that threatens her companions or herself.  

She is followed by a beautiful owl. His wings the color of moonlight. He seems to understand deeply and Sholin has little need to communicate vocally to him. His name is Arteus.

Her past remains a mystery and if any questions are asked regarding it, she immediately ends all discussion. She appears to have an illness that attacks often. More than once has Pearl thought she would pass this plane to the next.  

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