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Post by Az-eal on Mon Oct 29, 2018 9:16 pm

To know Az-eal one must understand the lore of old. He used to be mortal. He worked for a necromancer and helped him with horrible experiments. One day he became the subject of his master's aims. His demon blood and strength protected him and he killed his master. He became a bane to the demon Lord's and began killing and growing in power. Fearing his competition, the God's granted him Godhood. He now wanders amoung the mortals. A chaotic God that stays aloof from his fellow dieties. He seeks to repair what he has damaged. Death and necromancy are his domains.
Few know what he looks like, but they all have been surprised. He carries an unmistakable powerful and impressive air. His skin is a deep red and covered in runes that glow softly under fire or moonlight. His body is hard. Chisseled muscles press out against his clothing. His wears no jewlery, save for a simlle chain around his neck. He is cleanshaven but for a dark goattee. His face is chisseled with a strong chin and cheekbones. His eyes are intense and brilliant green. They easily show windows into his mood. They can dance playfully when he is in a humor, or flash dangerously when he is angry. They make woman go weak as they soften and become sultry.
His hair is long and ridiculously thick. He keep all of it braded resembling the appearance of dreadlocks. His horns are black with deep red undertones. They sit at the edge of his hairline angling backwards.
His tale is long and demonic looking. It comes to a single sharp blade that is pierced seven times except for the very tip.
He wears simple garb. A grey sleeveless tunic and dark pants with sleek leather boots. He travels incredibly light and usually only wears a cape that and small travelers bag.

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