The White Wyvern Ildreth the Deceiver

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The White Wyvern Ildreth the Deceiver  Empty The White Wyvern Ildreth the Deceiver

Post by Keeper of Time on Mon Nov 19, 2018 1:14 pm

Before god's fell, and demons raised, Dragons ruled the land; as protectors, judges, guardians, peacekeepers, and executioners… This story is about one such dragon named, Ildreth the Deceiver.

Many hundreds of years ago in the frozen tundra to the south of Oblitus was a village named Falkirk. Falkirk was ruled by the great white wyverns. Every 100 years they required a sacrifice of the youngest in the village. On their 400 year sacrifice the village gave the great wyverns Ildreth; a young girl with long straight silvered hair, and deep blue eyes. The great white gods took Ildreth that night to sacrifice her. During that night as the dragons had talked with the little girl before the ritual they took pity upon her, the dragons saw that she had a weak heart from childbirth; the villagers deceived their gods and gave them a girl who was going to die soon already. In a violent rage of fury the dragons eradicated the town of Falkirk. All that was left was Ildreth, Feeling remorse the dragons bestowed their dragonic powers to heal her sickness. But in doing so, ildreth would become a half dragon, with her new frozen heart.

Nearly 200 years had passed since that day; Ildreth had become the strongest of the white dragons being half human half dragon. Then… the “Great Fall” happened. Gods had fallen from the heavens and demons raised from the depths. A great war was started between Gods, Demons, and Dragons, as new kingdoms were claimed and old ones in ruins, the world was in a state of chaos. The war ended with nearly 3/4ths of the dragons extinct. The rest remained in hiding.

The events that happened after Ildreth went into hiding are unknown. However one day, Ildreth suddenly appeared inside the Elven City of E’va Esari in a mass of fury and anger, she rained destruction upon the city nearly bringing genocide to the Elves. That day above the decimated city; Ildreth promised the world, and swore vengeance upon all deities, that she would bring them all to an end. Many races banded together with Ildreth to free their homes from these lesser gods. Over the next 10 years Ildreth had gathered a tremendous and powerful followers; moving across the land and destroying any threat that faced her.

Gods and Demons did not dare to go against Ildreth, knowing her rage and power, they either sided with the Dragon or remained unthreatening. However there were some who did challenge her. Four great paladins struck up arms to stop Ildreth from becoming more power, in fear that she may yet become a god. Upon the Voiceless Summits of Dorthrak they fought, Ildreth demanded that her armies do not interfere. 3 days that fought on those summits till 1 paladin remained, he struck her down with holy fury… but Ildreth did not die… weakened she fled, far across the land to a frozen corner of the world, name Holderhek. The great mining city of the Dwarves, there she rested trying to regain her strength. The Dwarves had dug too far and found her inside the mountain. In a valiant effort they tried to remove the dragons head only to miss and remove her left ear. Months of battling the dragon she wrecked havoc for the people of Holderhek, til they sealed her inside the tomb of their once great city. To remain trapped so that her evil would never again see the light of day....

Until one day….
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