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Post by Pearl on Tue Oct 30, 2018 4:31 pm

Faewild - The Fae Realm.

One not of Fae Blood can not survive in Faewild for more then a minute. It is a realm of pure magic, that only those born Fae may enter, unless welcomed by the Royal Family. If one is welcomed to Faewild they must follow strict rules, 1- Do not partake of any Fairy food, for your shadow will become trapped with in the walls. 2- The Royalty can not be killed in Faewild for they are the magic that keeps this realm alive, to murder them is a serious crime and you will have a cursed life following you forever deep into the after life. 3- Cloths are optional, unless a full moon is presented then all most Dance in the wake of the moon rays. 4- Do not bottle a Fae, after the sun sets you curse them into imps, to rid your self of an imp is nearly impossible and they will make it their life mission to make you as miserable as you have made them.

The entry to The Fae Realm is heavily guarded and a Fairy will never tell you of its locations.
A member of the Royal Family must reside in Faewild at all times, they are free to move from realm to realm if so desired.
There are multiple who are in the Royal Family, the knowledge of how many in the family is not shared.
The Queen Mother can speak to her Fae inside their minds eye at any time. To speak to the Queen Mother must be done at a shrine, again locations are not disclosed.
The Royal Family is the Purest form.
Any Fae will gladly give their life for the Life of the Realm and the Royal Family.

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